Questions and Comments on "Your Kingdom Come" by John Ridgway

"Disagreement is an opportunity to learn." Insights, questions, and comments welcome on the book by Dr. John Ridgway "Your Kingdom Come"...


  1. Hi, this is Bill Swan. Not sure how to post a comment but will give it a try. I'm reading Ridgway's book for the second time paying close attention to the data he has provided on church, where it was centered, and what form or structure it adopted. His thoughts are very helpful as I grope for a more relevant and relational expression. His comments lead me to radical rethinking and to a new perspective of my own family and those on journeys toward faith around me. It's quite exciting.

    1. I think some of your comments refer to the fourth key, "Recognizing that Relationships Define the Church Beginning with the Family." In looking at John's second edition, I think he addresses in clearer detail questions that are more relevant to most American readers about how church has come to be defined. The edition I sent out was the first edition. If anyone would like a copy, who didn't get one, I will be glad to provide them with the latest edition. Also I have extra copies for sale, as well as pdf copies I can email, for anyone who wants extras.


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